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Legal Notice – Ordinance No. 01 of 2023 – Notice of Intent to Consider and Enact Cambridge Township Nuisance Ordinance

Posted on June 29, 2023

Legal Notice

 Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Cambridge Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania intends to consider and enact an ordinance to regulate and prevent nuisances from activities such as the accumulation/disposal of garbage and rubbish, drainage obstructions and improper drainage and roadway activities, at its regular meeting on Monday, July 10, 2023, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Cambridge Municipal building located at 22530 Electric Drive in Cambridge Township. The title of the ordinance is An Ordnance of Cambridge Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to Regulate the Accumulation, Storage, Collection and Disposal of Garbage, Rubbish, and Waste; To Prohibit the Drainage of Waters which Create Nuisances; To Prohibit Acts Interfering with Proper Road Maintenance; To Prohibit the Establishment and Maintenance of Nuisances within the Township; To Provide Remedies for Violations of the Ordinance Including Penalties and Proceedings for Abatement of Nuisances; and to Provide for the Administration and Enforcement of the Ordinance. Section 1 provides the title of the Ordinance as the Cambridge Township Nuisance Ordinance. Section 2 provides definitions contained in the Ordinance. Section 3 prohibits activities relating to the accumulation, storage and disposal of garbage, rubbish, and waste on or about any property located within the Township. Section 4 provides for standards for the disposal of waste, including disposal by burning and composting. Section 5 provides standards for the storage of waste, including practices and standards to prevent insect and rodent attraction, littering and scattering, and other health and safety hazards. Section 6 prohibits activities that cause drainage that may be harmful to drain onto roadways or adjoining properties, including surface, storm, or ground water, and any foul, harmful, or offensive water or wastewater. Section 7 prohibits activities that may be harmful to public roads including the depositing of snow, excavating, or obstructing adjoining property, accumulating or leaving debris, and obstructing any drainage feature which provides drainage of a public road. Section 8 prohibits other nuisances, such as improper storage of feed or stagnant pools of water that attract insects or vermin, maintaining dangerous structures or parts thereof, unsecured vacant structures, uncovered wells or cisterns, exterior lighting that creates glare across property lines or into residential units, and any other condition that threatens the health, safety, or welfare of the public or may constitute an attractive nuisance. Section 9 makes the landowner, and persons causing or maintaining the property condition, responsible for a violation. Section 10 provides that the Cambridge Township Zoning Officer or other representative designated by the Township shall administer and enforce the Ordinance and have authority to enter the property to inspect premises for compliance. Section 11 establishes rules for administration and service of notices of violation. Section 12 establishes a criminal penalty in an amount up to $1,000, for each violation plus costs in an enforcement action, and permits imprisonment of up to thirty (30) days. Section 13 provides remedies for violations, including the institution of an action in a court of law to collect a penalty for violation to abate the nuisance and obtain other relief, with recovery of all costs incurred, including administration, enforcement, and penalty of 20% of said costs, by court action or by municipal claim and lien. Under Sections 15, 16 and 17, sections found invalid are severable, inconsistent ordinances are repealed, and the ordinance is effective 5 days after enactment. The full text of the ordinance is available for inspection at the Cambridge Township office located at the address above by appointment, at the office of the newspaper in which this Notice is published, by email upon request to, and on the Cambridge Township website. The public is invited to attend and be heard. Accommodations for persons with disabilities is available by advance request made by phone to 814-398-8327.


Debra E. Merritt, Secretary/Treasurer




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