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Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

The decision to subdivide and develop land is important because it results in the conversion of land into parcels intended for separate ownership and use. The establishment of property lines, roadways, and land development are actions that have long lasting effects on the seller of land, the buyer, and the municipality that will provide services. While transferring ownership of property is an individual concern between seller and buyer, the effects of the transaction are passed on to future owners and the taxpaying public. At some point in the future, newly created lots will be owned by someone intending to use and develop their land.  The future improvements and building development will lead to changes in natural features, drainage, water use, sewage disposal, location and quality of road intersections, etc.

The Board of Supervisors have enacted a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance regulating plats of land lying within the Township's boundaries.  The 1999 Cambridge Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance was enacted on May 25, 1999, under and pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, as amended.

The Ordinance establishes rules, regulations and standards governing Subdivision and Land Development within the Township.  It sets forth the procedures to be followed by Township Planning Commission, Crawford County Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors in applying and administering the rules, regulations and standards, as well as sets forth penalties for violations.

Following are forms applicable to the Cambridge Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.  Please click on the link to access the form.

If you have any questions regarding the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, please contact the Zoning Officer, Debra E. Merritt at (814) 398-8327 or email


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